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Date: 06/16/04-06:31:41 AM Z
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Okay, sorry, one more more.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> ) First, IMHO
> even tho Keith's well water is heavy in iron and he gets no stain does not
> disprove that iron contributes to stain; it just says that given all the
> other variables Keith practices in combination, iron does not contribute for
> him. It may still be the variable that Clay experiences.

Certainly this is possible, but it would require that in addition to
iron, Keith has something else in his water or his practice that Clay
doesn't have in his water or his practice that makes iron behave
differently in the water than it behaves for Clay. Like I say, it's
possible, but it would have to be an interaction of other things rather
than a main effect. Christina's right there.

But the idea that iron might behave differently for one person than for
another reminds me too much of a gosh-awful movie I saw the other night
that had the subtitle: "The Layman's Guide to Quantum Physics." I saw
it because I thought it was about quantum physics (silly me) but it
turned out it wasn't anything about quantum physics, it was about what
New Agers think the implications of quantum physics are. It was produced
by the Ramtha foundation, and claimed that if you tape messages to the
outside of bottles of water, the atomic structure of the water inside
the bottle will change to match the message. So the atoms of water that
read the message "Chi Love" turned into beautiful snowflakes against a
deep blue background, and the atoms of water that read the message "I
hate you and want to kill you" turned into ugly brown and yellow
malignant-looking things. The movie didn't say whether the messages were
turned inward to the bottle so the atoms of water could read it, or
whether the atoms of water just absorbed the message by osmosis. In a
world where water will change its structure depending on whether it is
loved or hated, iron might do just about anything, you just never know.
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