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Here in Belgium, you can easily find powder albumin. It is used by the
butcher and the bakery (food industry) (very cheap).
I've made several albumin prints without any problem, starting from the
I made only the quantity that I would need for 1 printing session.

Hereby my working procedure:

Disolve 60 gram powder in 500 ml water (distillated) (or 12 gram in 100
Add 15 gram ammonium chloride and 2 ml acetic acid (28%) (or 3 gram
ammonium chloride & 0.4 ml acetic acid)
With no acetic acid you get less glossy images. With the acid the
highlight stays brighter.
You don't have to froth the solution. Just dissolve to get a nice
You can use it immediate, does not have to "ripen".

Use a 12% silver nitrate solution.

For the rest it is the same as for the traditional albumin prints (one
or two coats, exposure, fixing, washing, ....)

You can see examples at:

Hope this helps.


Luc Van Quickenborne

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Onderwerp: powdered albumen

Those of you doing the albumen process, do powdered egg whites work
well, or at all?
PS aren't you SHOCKED this is not about gum? Well, is,
but I
won't discuss it just yet.
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