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Date: 06/16/04-05:06:10 AM Z
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Okay, the reason I was trying so hard to make dichromate stain yesterday
was to show a doubting Thomas that my clearing agent really does work.
It's too bad I suppose that the colors I used for the half and half
dichromate stain test were colors that look enough like dichromate stain
that a literalminded person might not be able to believe that there's no
dichromate stain there, but those were the colors I happened to be using
that day.

 I had no idea that yellow ochre printed so orange when printed at full
strength. (I've never used yellow ochre in my work as it's too opaque
for my taste, but I'm using it right now because I wanted to show a
tricolor in transparent pigments and a tricolor in opaque pigments on my
pigment page, and the only opaque yellowish color I have around is
yellow ochre; I'm not about to buy a tube of cadmium just to do one
little demonstration with.)

At any rate, I hope this will be the end of doubt. When I say I don't
get dichromate stain, I mean I don't get dichromate stain. I've put the
results of what happens when my sodium bisulfite encounters known
dichromate stain at the bottom of the page with the half-and-half test:

I'm done with this for now, in fact I can't begin to tell you how done
with it I am. I'm going to the beach.
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