Re: Agfa Scala film: how to develop??

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  I have used it in the past. It must be done at a lab. Dagal spelled wrong
here in the city does it and they import it.
  You can buy mailing envelop to send it to the lab. B@H used to sell them
of not the lab does.
  A number of years ago I shot my daughter wending color and Scala. she
wanted some platinum prints.I used the Scale ti make 8x10 negs. she was very
happy with the platinum prints.

> Hi Bert, I hope everything's good for you.
> Isn't Scala a transparency film? I don't know the proprietary process but I
> think it should consist of some kind of develop / bleach / fog / re-develop
> steps... I don't get the information provided in massive development chart;
> I guess that method will give you a negative, not a positive (if it works).
> Regards,
> Loris.
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>> Hello,
>> I'm a fan of Agfa Scala slide film. I'm told it isn't possible to develop
>> the slides myself.
>> There is a good lab nearby that I use. But they told me they're gonna quit
>> on Scala.
>> So I was wondering: is it possible to develop Scala myself as a B&W
> negative
>> film?
>> On you'll find:
>> Rodinal (1+20) at 200 Asa for 8 minutes at 18C.
>> Has anyone done this? How did it work out? Was there (too) much contrast
> or
>> just the opposite?
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