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        To find a supplier of Oxalic Acid I went to a large laundry (clothes
washing) service. It appears that they often use it for some cleaning
method and are willing to sell a kilogram at a time to us artists. Perhaps
you can find one near you.

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How this practice will affect the contrast? (I can't test if myself -
despite all the search, I couldn't find oxalic acid locally)


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> > Hence, Fabriano Artistico is probably not a suitable paper for the new
> > cyanotype unless you dink around somehow. I tried coating it with
> > acid before printing, and that did not work. One more vote for the
> > traditional.
> F.A. appears to be pretty highly buffered. It takes about a 5 minute soak
> in 1% oxalic acid to make it work well for pt/pd. A simple surface coating
> of OA doesn't do it. So, if you want to make it work for Cyano, an OA soak
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