Re: Gum Tri-Color Yellow

From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;>
Date: 06/11/04-10:33:27 AM Z
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My slight "split tone" was in the "assembled" cyan, yellow, magenta
(final) print. The yellow by itself was as you described. My (slow)
printer has just finished my new gum sep negs with my new curves, I'm
off to the (slightly) dark room.........

On Friday, June 11, 2004, at 02:20 AM, Katharine Thayer wrote:

> Tom Ferguson wrote:
>> Thanks Christina. I have achieved yellow happiness. With the new
>> pigment, my first prints were too yellow :-)
>> Actually they have a slight "split tone". The deep shadows were
>> slightly cool, the midtones and highlights warm.
> Wow, this is weird. With the same pigment, I get the opposite effect.
> Well, not really COOL in the mid and highlights, just a good neutral
> mid-yellow, but unmistakably warm, almost orange in the deepest
> shadows.
Tom Ferguson
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