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Date: 06/11/04-03:20:40 AM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:
> Thanks Christina. I have achieved yellow happiness. With the new
> pigment, my first prints were too yellow :-)
> Actually they have a slight "split tone". The deep shadows were
> slightly cool, the midtones and highlights warm.

Wow, this is weird. With the same pigment, I get the opposite effect.
Well, not really COOL in the mid and highlights, just a good neutral
mid-yellow, but unmistakably warm, almost orange in the deepest shadows.

then stop with the
> tests and print/play for real for a while. Gum is too variable for
> perfection quests. Gum printers have to learn to embrace that
> flexibility or be constantly frustrated.

Amen to that. I still haven't finished testing all the gums I ordered
several months ago, because the first gum I got worked great and I'd
rather print than test, so I've just gone on using that first one, the
Daniel Smith premium gum, a gum that has been panned here, which is just
another illustration why people shouldn't listen to any of us but should
just go print gum and see what happens, as information given here may
just as likely steer you wrong as right. Goodness, that was all one
sentence! I guess I get breathless when I talk about gum, or more likely
it's that I'm hurrying because there's something else I want to talk
about, but first I have to scan some things.

I had been thinking for a couple of weeks that the reason my mail had
slowed to a crawl was because my website was approaching the limit of
10MB that is allowed for my website and incoming mail, and I told Tom
that I couldn't scan the yellow step wedges because of it. But it turned
out it was something wrong with the server and now they've fixed it, and
I get my mail lightning-quick and apparently my website still has plenty
of room. So, on with the scanning.....
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