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Eric & Jack,

I'm using an Imacon 848 and the biggest problem seems to be with the larger
negatives like 5x7 and 4x5—more surface area. I've often wondered if there
couldn't be a way to give the negatives a "charge" so that they would repel
dust. I have little problem with medium format and 35 mm (most of my work is 35
mm). I keep all my own negatives in sleeves and they are very clean and
require very little touch up. I usually do that with the healing brush and
occasionally the dust and scratches filter combined with the History Brush. I
don't like to use global dust & scratch removal filters or plugins because they
destroy too much fine detail.

Some negatives I get for custom scanning or scanning & making digital
negatives come in looking like they have been stored on the darkroom floor. These
I consider restoration jobs. I've actually been able to identify the style of
Nike's one photographer wears by the footprint on 6x7 negatives ;)

Mark Nelson

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> I have an action that gives me two different setting for D&S.  It can be a
> blurry mess if you don’t pay careful attention to detail.  I change opacity as
> needed as well as lighten or darken to achieve just the right amount of
> blur.  This is more useful in portrait than with landscape where most people are
> looking to see how much detail you captured as opposed to what you selected
> not to see into.  I changed my scanning procedures as well.  I had been
> putting the neg in and making my adjustments and then planned on final inspection
> of neg.  Well too many times, I just forgot do that last step and had scanned
> my neg prior to a good cleaning.  After a bit of extensive dust spotting and
> good scans, I did remember to clean and clean and clean.  : )
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