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Jack , Did you solve your dust problem?  Using Imacon software I was
able to eliminate some, but after talking with the tech people, I  just
got good at creating a duplicate image in PS with dust & scratches
applied and painted where I need it using history brush. (Lighten and
darken with the brush)

Well, yes. I cleaned the negs far better than ever. Prior I was in a
hurry. This time I took my time. The latter spots were caused by water
based material and that got it off. So, I am clean. Did some more
yesterday. Costs me $25 each w/an ex-student. Seems, to me, a bit high.
Thanks for the nice thoughts. But, do not you not find that using the
history brush, etc. that you obtain blurred areas?

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  I hooked the Imacon Flextight Photo up to a G4 dual (by SCSI, no less!
--this Imacon was made for Windows) and downloaded the latest Mac
version of the software. From there on it was smooth sailing--3600dpi
with nary a glitch in making 16 bit RGB Tiff files. . . . Well. . .
except for the dust. (And that's a whole 'nother topic.)
  John Campbell
  PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery

  Yes, John, DUST! I just did some scans w/an Imacon @ 5600 dpi and boy
oh boy was there a lot of dust, smudges, etc. I have spent hours
retouching. Any tricks/tips?
  Jack Fulton
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