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You can't beat America's capital city in the summer. Tons of tourists on
obligatory jaunts to view museums and monuments, good air conditioned public
transportation. The monuments draw people like flies to honey: the new WWII
monument, the Vietnam Wall, and of course everyone's favorite phallic symbol
honoring our first president, The Washington monument. DC can also get you
via Amtrak to Richmond which has an interesting mix of tourists, students,
locals, etc. From DC you can also hit Baltimore. In fact with Amtrak you
could hit Philly, Baltimore, DC and Richmond which would give you a good
cross-section. And in June/July/August it's a guarantee that people wouldn't
have their coats on. Of course you may see more flesh than clothing, but the
South in the Summer is not a place for those who fear humidity. (I say this
as a Virginia native) Good luck and I can't wait to hear about your G5.
Thanks, Thom
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Subject: photography in Nashville, Virginia, wherever

Cor and Christina inspire me to ask the list -- I want to go SOUTH, that
is south of New Jersey, to photograph probably in July (I'd prefer June
but can't miss Gay Pride month in NYC)... but I want, um, how to say this
without starting a riot -- well, I'm photographing T-shirts on people, and
I already have all the "Good Bush/ Bad Bush" and other signs of blue state
politics I can use. I'm looking for the kind that say something about "my
cold dead hands" or similar articles of truth.

Experience in NYC suggests that both tourists & "natives" inhabit certain
kinds of places and (in NYC anyway) walk between them. Nashville sounds
like it might work... my problem being that I don't drive a car.
Christina, is there a "center of town" ? Besides the tourist attractions,
malls are fine -- except they're usually out in the nether regions... (I
am of course spoiled by NYC mass transit, and realize I've been living in
an unreal world.... am I going to have to get a drivers license in my old
age? Another option is bicycle, but I think it's hot in Tennessee in July,

But Tennessee is sooooo far away. Looking at the map, Virginia seems
closer. I know there's one city : Wheeling -- ooops I better check again,
I think that's West Virginia. Any suggestions about congested scenes in

And about that blow to the head , Christina -- I can relate. I am
FINALLY getting past some of the hiccups with the Cannon Powershot G5. (I
think it would be easier & quicker to learn to drive.) But the viewing
lens is a horror, and I find that when framing with the LCD monitor I want
to hold it at arm's length -- but with the strap around my nexk there's
not enough leeway. (and my arms are short.... maybe the same folks who
planned the instruction manual planned the neck cord?)

So you wrap it around your wrist -- I wouldn't tempt fate with that, not
anticipating a blow in the head, but just some other how losing it. Are
there longer cords available, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance for any/all advisories... more about the G5 in due

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