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Date: 06/03/04-10:26:02 AM Z
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>Judy said: Nashville sounds
> like it might work... my problem being that I don't drive a car.
> Christina, is there a "center of town" ?
Yes there is, but the Grand Ol' Opry is outside of town now.
>Judy said: but I think it's hot in Tennessee in July, right?
YES. You know, Judy, who might be good to ask about Tennessee is Theresa
Van Hatten because she lives and teaches there. What about Branson Missouri,
      You could also consider Nisswa, MN where I happen to be: you see the
most amazing bodies walking around in way too skimpy clothing, eating drippy
ice cream cones, how can I be polite: "apple shaped" bodies, with T-shirts
stretched tight, oh so tooo tight, across far too ample beer guts and
bosoms. It would be great for P.F. #10 as a counterpoint to the unreal
breasts Mortenson portrays.
>Judy said: So you wrap it around your wrist -- I wouldn't tempt fate with
that, not
> anticipating a blow in the head, but just some other how losing it. Are
> there longer cords available, does anyone know?
Mine is the lesser expensive Powershot S50--the wrist strap has a tightener
on it, so it snugs up on my wrist very well. That's why the camera could
fly around and hit my eye instead of falling to the ground :)
Back to polyurethaning baseboards...
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