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Here's a stupid idea that shouldn't cost much. What about self-adhesive
velcro, which I believe can be bought by the yard or metre off a roll?
("Velcro" in the UK, that is; if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll
try and find out what you call it.) A short length stuck to each corner at
the back of the frame, and in corresponding positions on the wall. Just
peel off afterwards - if there's any sticky residue, alcohol or similar
solvent should get rid of it.


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Go to Lee Valley ( try to find a thing called a brick clip
(AC450 or AC455) see if that might work. They arn't cheep but might work.
You will have to hang from wire down. Get the owner of the space to buy

I have not tried them, but with some thinking outside the box they could

Good luck

Jan Pietrzak

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> Subject: hanging a show on brick
> Hi all,
> What is the best way to hang a show on a brick wall (e.g. old
> warehouse, now converted) that is 50 ft long....there are beams about 13
> feet high that can be eye-bolted and wires strung down, but there has got
> be a simpler way than screwing in 100 eye bolts and getting wires to hang
> evenly. Any ideas?
> Chris
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