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        When drilling brick or masonry the tool of choice today is a rotary
drill... I have a hammer drill and it just a toy compared to a rotary....A
rotary drill will make short work of it and it will almost be as fast as
if you were drilling wood... Get a "Bosch" if you can ... Always try to
drill into the middle portion of a brick otherwise you risk cracking the
brick or drill the mortar if it is solid and does not powder or crumble
when drilled... I would recommend the plastic anchor inserts for masonry
with a screw (getting a large enough size to handle a little weight)..
        You may want to install a copper hanging rail across the length of
the wall which could simple be a 1/2 inch piece of L copper ( thicker and
heavier M grade tubing)...The copper would be held in place on the wall
with a U shaped copper clamp that it attached to the wall .... You would
space the clamps every 4 foot or so..... Just snap a chalk line, and space
your clamps then attach the tubing.. If you get the right clamps ( not a one
hole C clamp but this is a copper U clamp that has one hole to attach to
the wall in the base and will leave a stand off of about 1/8 to 1/4 inch
space between the hung tubing and the wall. This should be plenty to
attack hanging wires to ... Go to a commercial plumbing supply house for
your materials and they will have the proper clamp... It should not be that
terribly expensive..

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Subject: hanging a show on brick

> Hi all,
> What is the best way to hang a show on a brick wall (e.g. old
> warehouse, now converted) that is 50 ft long....there are beams about 13
> feet high that can be eye-bolted and wires strung down, but there has got
> be a simpler way than screwing in 100 eye bolts and getting wires to hang
> evenly. Any ideas?
> Chris
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