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From: Jack Fulton ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/29/04-02:25:19 PM Z
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Jeff Dilcher wrote:\

"I contacted Mark, and was a little put off by the price- $75 for an
e-book seems a little steep."

Boy, that is steep, even if self-published. Look at what one gets for
$24 and subscribing to
"The World journal of Post - Factory Photography".


        I have a lovely book, "2 Saunters: Summer & Winter" 48 pages, hard
bound, color and b/w duo-tone
on walking in the Sierra Nevada. Photography and text. $20 + postage
(about $2.50)


So, if it does really cost seventy five bucks I'll check the web.

However, I did chat w/Joel P. Witkin @ the San Francisco's Photo Fair
and he has a very nice new book bound in red for $295 which I'd say is
a fair price. 1000 printed.

Jack Fulton
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