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Date: 07/29/04-01:22:36 PM Z
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Hi Sam,

I contacted Mark, and was a little put off by the price- $75 for an e-book seems a little steep. Have you read
Burkholder's book, and, if so, is Mark's method really radically different? Of course, if it saves me 4 or 5
hours of futzing around, I guess it would pay for itself pretty quickly...

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 02:58:13PM -0400, Sam Wang wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> If you can hold off for just a few more days, Mark Nelson's book will be out and it will give you the
> exact information you'll need for making digital negatives, for silver as well as for "other alt processes".
> As a beta tester, I was able to get negatives that printed beautifully on silver as well as Pt/Pd. This is
> very exciting, since some of the originals were 7x17 and 12x20 negatives - important images that I
> had a hard time printing previously, for one reason or another. Now I can not only make negatives that
> print easily and predicatably, but also making variations in tonal relationships.
> I imagine it's the same as a musician playing with the same score but each time jazzing it up a bit
> differently, not something readily available to us in the past because of restrictions of traditional films
> and development.
> Sam Wang
> > From: Jeff Dilcher <>
> > Date: 2004/07/29 Thu PM 02:11:20 EDT
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> > Subject: Re: Thinking of building a UV contact box...
> >
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > Thanks for answering my questions. I may work with just silver based contact printing, at least
> > until I am confident in my digital negative enlargements- if I can get that process down to my
> satisfaction,
> > then I'll go full tilt, and build the UV box and try some more exotic alt processes.
> >
> > I think my initial challenges are going to be consistantly getting a negative with what I consider to be
> a smooth
> > and accurate tonal scale. I've been reading some Burkholder, and some other stuff on the net. I have
> an Epson 1280,
> > and have been getting reasonable quality doing standard inkjet paper prints w/ quadtone inks.
> >
> > Perhaps I should start w/ something more basic as to paper/developer while I am first twiddling w/
> negative
> > enlargment? I hate to waste to much expensive paper and developer.
> >
> > Also, don't know if many of you are doing inkjet negatives, but was wondering if anyone has any
> comments
> > on relative merits of this pictorico high gloss white film:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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