RE: Question(s) for Ziatype practitioners

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/28/04-07:44:54 PM Z
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> BTW, I found the Ziatype article in B&S site which says 50% LiPdCl4 +
> 25% AuCl3 (5%) + 25% NaOW (16%) may yield split tones. My assumption of
> 6drops LiPdCl4 + 4drops KAuCl3 + 2drops 40% NaOW is close to that - but
> not the same, there's more gold in the drop formula in my original post.
> So, probably will try it that formula first (diluting some of my NaOW to
> 16%).

I would recommend that you make a few simple ziatypes to see what that
yields before using a more complicated drop formula. That way you establish
a baseline to compare to.

> Our humidity level is around %60 - %90 in the summer (Istanbul, Turkey
> see the chart @ Do you think I should
> still use the mylar?

Yes. I can't recall but it may have been Sullivan or Christian Nze that
recommended the mylar to me. It won't hurt anything and hopefully does keep
the humidity of your paper constant especially if you lights are running

> Will the heat change the
> paper's humidity even if the room's humidity level is adequate?

Presumably yes, although I can't prove that.

> What can you say about platinum additive?

The platinum increases contrast without color changes. It seems to give a
bit smoother rendition of the upper midtones.

Good luck,

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