Re: Pizza wheel marks

From: Kees Brandenburg ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/26/04-02:29:08 AM Z
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All 1160's have pizzawheels.

I meant to say that I had to remove them in one 1160 and not in
another. In fact the first 1160 I used for quad black printing (with
MIS FS inks) did not scratch glossy printing material and
Schoellershammer inkjet film I used for negatives.

Then I did buy another one and loaded it with MIS Ultratone quad
black inks and it scratched from the start. So I removed the wheels
(very easy to do).


>On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Kees Brandenburg wrote:
>> Pizza wheels are 'ejection rollers' helping to keep the paper
>>flat. Unfortunately they sometimes leave, pizza-cutter style,
>>traces on glossy printing material and pictorico. I have one 1160
>>who does it and another not.
>Kees, you are saying that the 1160 has pizza wheels? (I'm waiting
>for Mark to ask about the pepperoni.) Though your message isn't
>clear about whether the one hasn't got pizza wheels at all, or
>whether it has them but doesn't leave marks, I'm curious about if
>all have them, and if so where,
>as I never noticed wheels or marks from my 1160.
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