New printer for under $200?(was people's budgets & problem with Epson 1270. HELP!!)

From: Carmen Lizardo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/25/04-11:29:48 AM Z
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Thank you kindly for all of the advice. I just called
the authorized Epson repair place and they quoted
$300 - $350 to replace the head ($172.50/head plus 1.5
to 2 hours labor at $80/hour) this is robbery!

Anyways, I would use some of your advice to buy a new
printer with the refund money. (If the seller does
give me $$ back) I had a 1270 printer that I used like
a workhorse, and I loved it, which is why I ventured
into buying another one. I think I can afford $200.00,
but since that is not a lot, I am looking to get some
recommendations from the list.
What is the best thing I can get for this amount?
Thank you for taking the time.

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