Re: Here's why... Re: Why no Attachments?

From: Jack Fulton ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/25/04-11:34:04 AM Z
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My 2$'s worth . . . (costs have risen and 2 no longer holds)
JS (Ms. Seigel) tells truth tenets totally.
I like the simple life w/no attachment(s).
Advise us where to view your work as so many of you lovely folk do.
One can then segue to that site.
Many, still, are on slow dial-up connections.
A cable connection is close to $50/month.
Also, region and access distinctly affects reception.
The good life allows one to wander at will.
That is known as free will.
The hard life comes with attachments.
Oh, I'm running out of poetry and metaphor . . but, think of excess
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