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Date: 07/25/04-08:14:55 AM Z
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Thank you Henry,
The Epson Technical center in Belgium propose to me to remove all the Pizza
Wheels on garanty

Best regards

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Date : Sunday, July 25, 2004 15:56:37
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Sujet : Re: Pizza wheel marks
I had a lot of problems with “pizza wheel” marks on transparency material
using my Epson 1290 (I think that’s 1280 in the US): at the time I was using
some cheap transparency film from a local office supply warehouse.

I thought of all kinds of possible solutions – but in the end the problem
completely went away when I changed to 3M so-called “professional quality”
material (CG3490) which seems to dry instantly and isn’t softened by the

Best wishes


On 25/7/04 2:21 pm, "philippe berger" <mineurdecharbon@skynet.be> wrote:

I am also a Epson C84
The negativ for alt process are very good but i am a problem with the "Pizza
Are you a solution to remove the "Pizza Wheels" on the Epson C84
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De : alt-photo-process-l@sask.usask.ca
Date : Sunday, July 25, 2004 15:14:32
A : alt-photo-process-l@sask.usask.ca
Sujet : Re: Other people's budgets Re: problem with Epson 1270. HELP!!
>>Mark said: There are some really nice, new printers
out there for $100.
Carmen, my new printer cost me $30 including shipping with the rebates I
used! A C84. There is some way online to find the cheapest price on
things, Don Bryant and others know about it.
The C84 makes nice, punchy negatives, although they are grainier than the
2200. But I have not tried them yet on a higher resolution than 300 or 360,
so that might change with 600 dpi.
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