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Date: 07/25/04-08:12:00 AM Z
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Re: Pizza wheel marks
I solved my problem in a more radical way: I just removed the pizza wheels
(Epson 1160)!!! It's so easy! They were scratching my inkjet negatives on
Epson transparency, Pictorico and Ultrafine but it's allright now. As far as
I can see 1270 and 1280 (1290 here in Europe) are very similar to 1160 (in
terms of housing design & construction).. So, I make an assumption that
removing pizza wheels from 1270 and 1280 should be as easy as removing them
from 1160... I cannot comment on C84.


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I had a lot of problems with "pizza wheel" marks on transparency material
using my Epson 1290 (I think that's 1280 in the US): at the time I was using
some cheap transparency film from a local office supply warehouse.

I thought of all kinds of possible solutions - but in the end the problem
completely went away when I changed to 3M so-called "professional quality"
material (CG3490) which seems to dry instantly and isn't softened by the

Best wishes


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I am also a Epson C84
The negativ for alt process are very good but i am a problem with the "Pizza
Are you a solution to remove the "Pizza Wheels" on the Epson C84


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