Re: Other people's budgets Re: problem with Epson 1270. HELP!!

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/24/04-10:09:04 PM Z
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And not all used printers are trash either. I
recently sold a perfectly good Epson 2000P on
ebay and the fellow who bought it got a lot of
value for the money and a machine that is in
perfect operating condition.

On the other hand if the fellow who sold Carmen
this machine is willing to refund the money my
advice would be to take it and find another used
printer in good operating condition.

Sandy King

>On Sat, 24 Jul 2004 wrote:
>>Take the $100 and put it on a new printer?
>Mark, I think possibly you and John have
>forgotten what it might be like to be young and
>broke... I myself can afford whatever
>computer/printer I want, as it happens, but
>there are, believe it or not, some people who
>have budgets stretched to the breaking point and
>beyond: Remember the thing about starving
>artist? It can still happen. Are you simply
>dismissing them as not worthy of our exalted
>company? We are an oligarchy?
>In other words, I think Carmen may be a better
>judge of her budgetary priorities than, um [fill
>in the blank of your choice-- I'm restraining
>myself]. What she needed to know was can she
>buy a printer head (whatever that is) anywhere.
>Surely folks who know as much as you guys do can
>answer that question.
>love & kisses,
>Mark Nelson
>In a message dated 7/24/04 10:05:51 AM, writes:
>>I just got a printer from Ebay. Epson 1270, I though
>>it was a bargain at $100.00 but it came broken. When
>>I opened the printer up, there was ink smeared all
>>over the inside. The power light and the load paper
>>light are flashing, the black and color ink are on
>>solid. Is the print head broken? I hope not! If so,
>>How much is a print head? Can I put in myself? The
>>seller is offering to return the $100.00, so I can fix
>>it. Please help! I need your wise advice’Ķ
>>Thank you kindly,
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