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Hi Judy,

My response the other day to Carmen's post was short because I did not have
the time at the moment to write more—now I have the time and you have brought
it to my attention that I should expand upon my brief post.

I wouldn't be so bold as to assume whether Carmen can or cannot afford a new
printer, old printer, or a quasi-old printer. I don't know Carmen that well,
perhaps you do. Also, I would not make the assumption that if Carmen was upset
by my short (read length, not terse) response, Carmen would not feel free to
bring it to my attention.

I did make the assumption that Carmen wanted to print digital negatives with
the printer and I could be in error making that assumption. In part, my
response, "Take the $100 (refund) and put it on a new printer," was based on another
assumption though—the cost in money and time to get the printer repaired
might be more than the cost of a new printer. There is also the possibility that
the printer still might not work well. There are some really nice, new printers
out there for $100.

Since the Epson 1270 Carmen purchased is second hand, I doubt that Epson is
going to fix it on warrantee, though that might be something Carmen could try—
talking Epson into replacing the printer. They will probably replace it with a
refurbished 1270 if they still have them. Sometimes employees of a company
would rather just replace the item than hassle with it. The 1270 is a pretty old
dye-ink printer. It was replaced by the 1280, also a dye printer. The 1280 is
a far superior printer for inkjet negatives.

My response was neither intended to be dismissive of Carmen nor do I think
one could easily interpret it as being dismissive—unless they wanted to read mor
e into the response than was intended.

Did I say or imply that I was part of an oligarchy on this list? I don't
believe so. I wouldn't have either the time nor the inclination to attempt to tell
this list what to do. If I did, I am sure there are plenty of people who
would quickly tell me to take my oligarchy and shove it where the UV don't shine.

No, actually I was not a starving artist—I was a starving Social Worker.

Love and kisses back :*

Older and broke,
Mark Nelson

In a message dated 7/24/04 10:36:39 PM, writes:

> Mark, I think possibly you and John have forgotten what it might be like
> to be young and broke... I myself can afford whatever computer/printer I
> want, as it happens, but there are, believe it or not, some people who
> have budgets stretched to the breaking point and beyond:  Remember the
> thing about starving artist?  It can still happen. Are you simply
> dismissing them as not worthy of our exalted company? We are an oligarchy?
> In other words, I think Carmen may be a better judge of her budgetary
> priorities than, um [fill in the blank of your choice-- I'm restraining
> myself].  What she needed to know was can she buy a printer head (whatever
> that is) anywhere. Surely folks who know as much as you guys do can answer
> that question.
> love & kisses,
> Judy
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