Re: Why no Attachments?

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Date: 07/24/04-05:47:32 AM Z
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John Cremati wrote:

> It seems to me that a Photography list with out the ability to attach
>documents, photos ect is highly ineffective... Even with a dial up modem a
>small image file does not take long to load..Any one with Windows 98 or
>later has this capability... The few that do not want to download images or
>attachments is there any means by which they can automatically block the
>transmission...Why exactly do we not allow the attachments? If it is for
>just a few "lost souls" with dinosaur computers? For a very small amount of
>money they now are able to upgrade or purchase a new machine... Maybe it is
>time to reevaluate this?
>John Cremati
A few years back we had a HUGE number of listmembers infected with the
LOVE virus (I was unaffected) because attachments WERE allowed.. I
STRONGLY oppose allowing attachments..

Keith Krebs

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