Why no Attachments?

From: John Cremati ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/24/04-05:42:03 AM Z
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       It seems to me that a Photography list with out the ability to attach
documents, photos ect is highly ineffective... Even with a dial up modem a
small image file does not take long to load..Any one with Windows 98 or
later has this capability... The few that do not want to download images or
attachments is there any means by which they can automatically block the
transmission...Why exactly do we not allow the attachments? If it is for
just a few "lost souls" with dinosaur computers? For a very small amount of
money they now are able to upgrade or purchase a new machine... Maybe it is
time to reevaluate this?
John Cremati
Received on Sat Jul 24 05:38:59 2004

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