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        A publication depends upon the right typeface, or font. There are 2
characteristics important to note. They deal with serifs.....this
typeface, very popular today, is called Comic Sans. It's fine for
non-serious stuff.
        This one, Helvetica, also sans (without) serif (hey, "I shot the
Serif" . . remember that Marley song???) is again, clean and is the
typeface you used. It is easy to read.

        This one, herculaneum, one of my favorites, has capital letters only
and means to imply the history of rome . . you know, herculaneum and

        Another capital only font is rennie mackintosh and emulates that great
designer and architect's style not that far off from frank lloyd wright

        Windsor is what I used for my book, "2 Saunters: Summer & Winter" I
really liked the way the ampersand curled up upon itself, the thickness
of the letters and the way the serifs added to sort of serious nature .
. which, I suppose, is what my photo book is about.

        So, here, finally us Chicago, which was a Macintoch (Apple) favorite
for a while, all I can really say is to choose your esthetic taste and
juxtapose the feeling of the typeface with the intent of your imagery.

Jack Fulton

On Jul 23, 2004, at 1:59 PM, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

I'm wondering how people choose typeface to set texts that go with
photographs of various kinds. The text might be the label to put by
the prints, or some sort of statements, vitae, etc. that may be
presented or submitted with prints. Since this group has people from
academic world or of super fastidious nature (or both), I thought to
ask what kind of factors do you consider in printing such texts. I
mentioned typeface because it's necessary to print any text, but I'm
also interested in other aspects of printing.

Ryuji Suzuki
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Junk is the symptom, not the problem."
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