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   Hi Ryuji,
    If you can get a copy of William Mortensens " Command to Look" , you
will find it very interesting reading. Mortensen felt there were basic
psychological reasons that would draw people either consciously or
subconsciously to the image and "Command them to Look"... The use of sex,
fear, sentiment, wonder were part of a basic formula for what he felt was a
successful interesting picture.... He also used various Type styles and
words incorporated into his pictures to promote these emotions and ideas
on some of his images..... He felt everything was visible and would have a
       It is just a little book but it contains many of Mortensens most
famous images and has text to describe the psychology of each image...
..... Unfortunately it goes for big bucks ($150 to $600) ....... This would
be a great topic of discussion..
John Cremati

  me against the junk pile ......

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Subject: typeface to go with photographs of various kinds

> I'm wondering how people choose typeface to set texts that go with
> photographs of various kinds. The text might be the label to put by
> the prints, or some sort of statements, vitae, etc. that may be
> presented or submitted with prints. Since this group has people from
> academic world or of super fastidious nature (or both), I thought to
> ask what kind of factors do you consider in printing such texts. I
> mentioned typeface because it's necessary to print any text, but I'm
> also interested in other aspects of printing.
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> Ryuji Suzuki
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