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From: Dave Rose ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/23/04-07:25:05 AM Z
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I've never used copy machine toner for gum printing.

The best black pigment I've used so far is "Carbon Black" purchased from
Photographers Formulary in Montana. A 100 gram container is cheap and will
be enough for a lifetime of printing. I use a mix of 1 gram Carbon Black
per 100 ml of gum with excellent results. A similar ratio might be a good
starting point for experimenting with black toner.

Best regards,
Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

> I heard recently the toner from copy machines is the finest ground black
around-finer than any watercolor. Is anyone familiar with using this for
say, gum printing? Is it available by itself or only in cartridges? How
much toner pigment to gum arabic would be a good starting point?
> Any help would be appreciated. I am still sort of looking for the ideal
black pigment/paint for rich stain-free blacks.
> Mainly a lurker,
> Candace Spearman
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