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     I have not used it in gum printing, so I can't answer you there;
watercolor black is way blacker than I need it. Using a powdered black
pigment like a carbon black, you can get total charcoal effects with a one
coat gum print, and it is very cheap. The staining factor is more a result
of your technique than a given for a pigment.
      However, I do use the toner you are talking about, under a different
name than Xerox. It is called Litho coal, or Chroma coal if in colors, made
by Duva. It's really cool because you can use it like a charcoal powder,
and when done, stick it in the oven and the heat will "set" which means
"melt" the little granules to adhere to the paper. It is a velvety black.
     The benefits of toner colors are that you can do this heat setting
process. How that would apply to a wet process like gum I can only
speculate. If you have some on hand, you could always sprinkle a bit into
some gum arabic and try a test layer. If you do, please share your results.
I know that you could heat set a gum print when finished with a dry mount
press, but I have no idea if that would affect the look of the print at that
point (or melt xerox toner all over your press...). Hmmm....
     I have the Duva, black watercolors, and carbon black powdered pigment,
though, and even though I don't use black in tricolor gums, I would first
reach for the powdered pigment if I was to do a one coat charcoal effect. I
got my powdered pigment from Daniel Smith.
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> I heard recently the toner from copy machines is the finest ground black
around-finer than any watercolor. Is anyone familiar with using this for
say, gum printing? Is it available by itself or only in cartridges? How
much toner pigment to gum arabic would be a good starting point?
> Any help would be appreciated. I am still sort of looking for the ideal
black pigment/paint for rich stain-free blacks.
> Mainly a lurker,
> Candace Spearman
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