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On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Bob Kiss wrote:

> I have just received WJPFP #9. It took much longer than expected to get
> here. I feel that I must take my time and "sip" it like the bottom of the
> bottle of a fine old Armagnac of which there will be no more. Heck, I might
> even light up a Romeo and Juliet to go along with it!
> I know this homage is later than the others from three months ago so I may
> not be the first to suggest that Judy consider republishing all of the
> issues together as a bound volume.

Blessings on you for the plug Bob.

I had at one point expected to do exactly that, but in the end it's not
feasible. The nine issues together are too big, thick, and heavy for one
bound volume. And, on 2nd thought, it's handier to have them separately,
easy to pick up, carry around, read in bed or wherever.

I thought of mailing the bunch in a box they could then be stored in, but
then figured out that, even if I found someone to make a nice affordable
box, it would be harder to wrap & mail, especially overseas. Now I wrap
the 9 in a heavy polybag and mummy up with clear tape -- which seems to
pacify inspectors & customs agents.

I do regret not having had the *complete* index to mail with the batch. So
far I've only finished indexing through Issue #7 (36 single-spaced pages,
downloadable from I really will continue through #8
& #9, but (heh heh) not until outdoor shooting is over.

Folks do seem not to mind the batch unbound -- I've had a bunch of orders,
some apparently on suggestion of summer workshop teachers... And (to quote
myself), there's no rush -- the processes are already obsolete....

However, I am forced by a higher power to quote one criticism -- from a
former photo bookstore owner: "There's too much writing. Photographers are
*visually* oriented; they don't like to read. Critics like to read."

For more info (and an extreme summary of all 9 issues) write

And thanks again, Bob... May your mail in future arrive in six, not ten


> ...I don't think she made much (any?) money
> from the original magazine so this would be both a service to the
> alternative photography community and, perhaps, a chance for Judy to make
> some income on work, most of which is already done. Just an idea...
> Please check my website:
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