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Date: 07/13/04-10:54:47 AM Z
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        I have just received WJPFP #9. It took much longer than expected to get
here. I feel that I must take my time and "sip" it like the bottom of the
bottle of a fine old Armagnac of which there will be no more. Heck, I might
even light up a Romeo and Juliet to go along with it!
        I know this homage is later than the others from three months ago so I may
not be the first to suggest that Judy consider republishing all of the
issues together as a bound volume. I don't think she made much (any?) money
from the original magazine so this would be both a service to the
alternative photography community and, perhaps, a chance for Judy to make
some income on work, most of which is already done. Just an idea...

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