platinum paper breathing question

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/14/04-08:24:36 AM Z
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I was reading in the PDN Feb 2004 issue about master printers and their
tips. One, Max Caffell, platinum printer for all kinds of photographers
like Snowden, Bailey, Brandt, Miller, McCartney, Adams, and Langdon
Coburn,said "Paper can be problematic too. We got a batch once that had
been shipped to us directly, wrapped in plastic. We used the paper right
away and discovered that, because it hadn't been exposed to the air for very
long, it made a huge difference in the way the chemistry coated up." They
now allow their paper to "breathe" for a few days before use.

What do you platinum printers think? Have you experienced this, and if so,
why? Would it just be humidity or does paper age in a few days enough to
make a difference in platinum?
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