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Date: 07/09/04-01:50:47 AM Z
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I've seen a system (though infrequently) that increases the price as
more prints are sold. The initial price for the image "trash on a
street" is q dollars. First N prints will be sold at $q. Next N prints
will be sold at $cq where c > 1. Next N prints will be sold at $c^2q,
and so forth. Say c = 1.25. By the time the 25th print is sold, the
price of "trash on a street" will be about 3x the original price. If
this is not good enough, you can also factor in inflation, market
price for silver nitrate, a really good Port or something.

Fay Godwin, the English landscape photographer, uses this system and it
works very well for her. People that supported her career early on and
bought the first prints have now got a handsome reward for their effort.

On a side note: the highly regarded New Zealand artist Ralph Hotere used
to pay people in paintings. The word is that recently one of those
people sold her collection and bought a house.

We all hope our end tables will become escritoires ;)


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