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Date: 07/09/04-01:32:40 AM Z
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Bill said:
If you take these calculations and work thru them with some set of
values, you will see that you don't necessarily end up with what you
started with.

Yes indeed, there is definitely a risk in going back and forth between
the options. I scan in RGB and convert to CMYK (if I'm using it at all),
then save my CMYK image under a different filename so I can backtrack if
I want....

Finally, the K in CMYK stands for blacK, not Key. This is used because B
was already taken for the Blue in RGB.

Thatís what I always thought about K, too, but I have quite recently
read that in woodcut the K block, the Black, is the Key Block and this
is the source of the K - and woodcut predates all other printing
processes ;)

I can't remember the reference for this, but really it does make

If you want more detail, the Adobe PostScript Language Reference manual,
3rd edition, page 210, contains much more information than you probably
EVER wanted to know about RGB, CMYK, and several other color spaces.




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