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From: Giovanni Di Mase ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/05/04-09:02:02 PM Z
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Hi Tom,
What pigment you use for the magenta printing?
I mean manufacturers name and pigment name.
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  From: Tom Ferguson
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  You can (and I usually do) need a fourth coat to fine tune the color. Decide what color is "lacking" and print again with a weaker color mix (less paint).

  I've just started doing tri-color work, others may have more info.

  On Monday, July 5, 2004, at 07:55 AM, Giovanni Di Mase wrote:

    I am trying to figure out what adjustments can be done to an almost finish
    full color gum print but unfortunately with either slightily too much
    yellow, green or blue on the image.
    If you have experienced the process you may have run that the pigment may
    had some problems or the expoure did not come out as planned and you ended
    up with this almost complete print but with a slightly different color.
    My thoughts are than instead of throwing it away and start all over again is
    worth to try to fix it.
    Any idea or experience you would like to share on this subject?

  Tom Ferguson
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