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Date: 07/05/04-08:40:37 PM Z
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Thanks Judy,
You obviously substantially increasd your exposure time.
How much time you went from to?
Do you expose by sun?

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> On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, Joe Smigiel wrote:
> > If you cannot wipe the gum image layer away while it is in the wash, you
> > are probably giving that layer too much exposure. What I'm suggesting
> I have found also that a larger ratio of gum to dichromate makes a
> *softer* emulsion... in fact since I reduced the concentration of my
> dichromate (from 26% to about 12%) I've never had a layer that couldn't
> be brushed off. To make it even softer, increase the ratio of
> gum-pigment. That is, instead of equal parts gum & sensitizer, try 1-1/2
> or even 2 parts gum to one part sensitizer.
> Judy
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