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Numbering the print 1/45 is the representation there will never be more than 45 prints. Sales of additional prints is wrong and a dishonest practice.

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> Good point. I think that goes to Judy's comment as well. What is missing
> here is intent. The law pursues intent in claims of Grand Theft or fraud.
> If those Man Ray negatives were used as 'reproduction from original
> negatives' there would have been no fraud claims. Of course, there would
> not have been those great prices, either; but still the trouble to find old
> paper and reproduce the outdated pictures with the original negatives is a
> collectable item in the eyes of the law, and in my opinion. Repeat: If the
> intent, as in marking the sale as 'reproduction' to inform the seller.
> To simply remake a print after an edition is not Grand Theft. I don't know
> of any photographers who make an edition and sell it as such with the claim
> that they will never make more.
> What I don't like is when photographers make five or ten prints -- even
> less -- and number them as a series of, say 1/45 to claim they will only
> make forty-five copies. Then either fail to keep track or just keep making
> them.
> Well, they could say this was a picture, made with the intent of making only
> forty-five and that was an evaluation of the artistic value; because they
> have a one to ten that they judged to be of lesser importance; and this
> numbering effect was their valuation of the importance of this one image.
> There's nothing wrong with that, either; because there is really no standard
> for editioning.
> Even with books, there is not always an announcement as to what eidition
> you're buying. There is, however, a copyright date with a book. That is an
> entirely different subject.
> S. Shapiro
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> > I have a group of friends who are sculptors... I have seen them do
> > over the years make images in clay, make molds and then cast them in
> > bronze.... What has happened is that the edition ( typically 6 to 10 ) of
> > several of the figures have sold out quickly as they were very desirable
> > .....
> > Most artists lack money so some of them continued the edition with
> > out numbering them and with out informing the previous clients who had
> > purchased numbered pieces ......They sold them elseware in the
> > US......Others continued making castings from the same mold only using
> > other metals such as stainless steel.. They would create a edition of
> > Stainless, bronze, aluminum, silver, ect Although I feel this is ethical
> > they did it with out informing previous clients... ....
> > My feelings are in photography a edition would be a print made from a
> > particular negative and a particular process combination no matter the
> > suptile differences ( actually a good selling point as they in reality
> are
> > one of a kind images) ... I think it is perfectly ethical to create a
> > special separate edition made from a entirely different processes and
> > still using the same negative. But when it runs out , let it runs out
> ,
> > no matter how popular the image. Keep this in mind when you start the
> > image edition... In other words, do not place a edition of 6 on one of
> your
> > best images that you have ever taken.....
> > I think we should live by our word ... If we do not , our word
> > becomes meaningless.. In other words no matter what you say or do has any
> > meaning or substance... If we do not live by our word there is a price to
> > pay.......... As a example I have seen these sculptors that cheat a little
> > go into cycles where they do not create much of any new work.. They get
> > stuck in a rut of only doing the figures that sell. Then when doing new
> > work, it highly resembles the very successful work they had previously
> > made..... They are stuck in the mud as far as I am concerned and are
> paying
> > that price whether they know it or not....
> > John Cremati
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