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Some ideas in reply/comments
 (3) The question was asked: is there a way of designating a print as
completely unique, that would be recognized to everyone as meaning that
only one print of that image will be made? I personally think 1/1 does
that, although even that apparently can be interpreted different ways.
One gallery owner, when I started showing work in her gallery, put 1/1
beside all my prints, and I asked her to take it off. She felt that the
1/1 designation was appropriate even if I made other prints from the
same negative, since I would never make two identical gum prints even
from the same negative. But to me, the 1/1 meant I was promising buyers
that I would never make another print of that set of negatives. While I
almost never make two prints of the same image, (only two of the
hundreds of prints I've sold are made from the same negatives as another
print) I want to keep that option open to me.

I name my silver emulsion prints and sell them as "unique state"
other words, not ever the same image from one negative anyway......and
the client has the designation explained.

I think that I will adopt the practice of doing my editions all at
once....then that's that....say make 10 max of each of my best images,
number them 1 of 10 etc, and then go on to new work. That way I won't
have the hassle of trying to go back and duplicate printing conditions
and materials, the works have value as limited editions and my
reputation is enhanced.

(3) I like (was it Kate's?) idea of 1 of 6 rather than 1/6 but don't
know whether buyers would understand it without explanation.

This was suggested to me by a well-respected printmaker in the intaglio

(4) I use the designation Title (II) very differently than Judy does: I
do this for a series, and the (I) (II) etc are different images in the
series, as in Fishing Boat Named Desire I, Fishing Boat Named Desire II,

Me too

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