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Date: 01/31/04-08:26:05 AM Z
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 So I ask him, how long have you been a taking pictures?
> About a month was his reply. All right, and you've been developing and
> printing about that long too right? "Oh no," he said "I just bought a
> used enlarger yesterday and hoping to start developing tonight." Then
> he asked something I will never forget: "Which reminds me, do you sell
> those little cup things with the round thingies that go in them for
> developing film?"
> Some people are overly worried,

This is a funny story! But some people who start out like this end up being
very good at what they do. I have a friend who is a watercolor artist (and
a lawyer). When he first started painting, he also went out and bought the
finest brushes, paint and paper, even though he had just started painting.
But he continued to paint and in a few years he could paint way better than
I could after years of working on it. I say, if you can afford to buy all
the stuff you need to make really good prints right off the bat, go for it.

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