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When I worked in a Photo store a few years ago I had an entertaining
conversation with a person on making archival prints and what they
needed. It was the first time I had ever seen the person, but I'd only
worked there a few months so I didn't know everybody. I explained the
two fixer baths, explained the current debates about fiber vs. RC and
the value of toning. After the discussion I got together the things he
needed and even sold him a rather expensive print washer. He insisted
he NEEDED these things as he was hoping to send his work off to people
and wanted to do a show soon. OK, confidence is a large percentage of
success right? So I ask him, how long have you been a taking pictures?
About a month was his reply. All right, and you've been developing and
printing about that long too right? "Oh no," he said "I just bought a
used enlarger yesterday and hoping to start developing tonight." Then
he asked something I will never forget: "Which reminds me, do you sell
those little cup things with the round thingies that go in them for
developing film?"

Some people are overly worried, some people have accused me of not
worrying enough. I figure pretty much any photo I make at this point,
with a minimal amount of understanding and precaution is going to last
at least as long as the rest of my life. What happens to them after
that is irrelevant as I won't be around to notice.

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