RE: Silver chloride contact printing papers - not AZO

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Date: 01/31/04-07:58:01 PM Z
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> A few warm-tone papers used
> to give good print-outs straight from the box - Kentmere Art Classic and
> Kentona are a couple I remember; I think Oriental Seagull was another.
> But that was maybe 10 years ago, and I think many paper emulsions have
> been "revised" since then. How would you describe the images you get on
> Azo and Kodabromide?

Not surprising that warm-tone papers were better -- they tend to have
smaller silver halide crystals to begin with. I can't remember which was
which between Kodabromide and Azo. One gave a lavender-grey print-out
image, the other one a purplish version of brick red/brown. The tone
depended some on which organic acid I used. I don't know what would have
happened if I had fixed them without toning -- I never tried that. I
rinsed, toned in gold then platinum, and got perfectly acceptable prints
anywhere from sepia through plum to black. I didn't stay with it long
enough to see if I could do what I really wanted to do, which was to
duplicate the results I had gotten with the old (sadly, discontinued a long
time ago) Kodak Studio Proof paper.

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