Re: octopus Tempura and hardened gelatine batter

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Date: 01/30/04-12:04:13 AM Z
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> makes a warm brown with pinkish highlights.
> that many consider sublime. (And so do I.)

I guess there's no single answer unless I do side-by-side comparison
myself, but I can get warm brown-to-orange-to-pink image by enlarging
onto Fortezo, developed in warm tone developer with good agitation,
pulled slightly prematurely, and toned in selenium-polysulfide
combination toner. The shadow area cools rapidly but it comes back
warm brown soon after as the polysulfide takes over. Wider range of
hues from shadow to highlight is possible with this paper in dilute
Kodalith developer plus 10g/L sodium sulfite (no infectious
development but there will be the same lith color) without toning.

Ryuji Suzuki
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