Re: Kodak Direct Positive Kit with film types other than TMX100

From: Adam. Waterson ^lt;>
Date: 01/28/04-04:38:15 PM Z
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the kodak manual says that push processing doesn't help
which developer do u push?
and does that build in shadow density or is it actually like slide
film? and make it less dense by pushing.

i can't find anything to read on this film, it is terrible.
what iso do u rate it at? i'd been doing 1250, but i was consulting
this dr5 lab in LA that says u should rate delta 3200 at 800 for a good
contrast negative.

i'mma start by adding the 35g of sodium sulfate to the fdev.

and then try and rate the film at 800. and see if i start getting
better results.

but any information about the effects in density during pushing of
either developer would be greatly appreciated!
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