Re: Kodak Direct Positive Kit with film types other than TMX100

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Date: 01/28/04-03:18:26 PM Z
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On 28/1/04 03:53, "Adam. Waterson" <> wrote:

> Hey
> I wanna process Ilford Delta 3200 in a DP kit, but i'm getting mixed
> results. It sorta results in flat thin positives when exposed at 1250
> iso.
> any suggestions?
> when i used panf50 rated at 8iso (with strobe) it had an amazing tonal
> range, incase no one tried this.
> adam.

I use delta 3200 120 quite often and find that it is an inherently flat film
- as a result I push my processing times - this might be a good starting
point to get more punch in your positives



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