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> >
> > We're in the same boat on this issue. I'm
planning on building
> > something like a humidor but instead of keeping the
humidty in, I'm putting
> > in silica gel cartridges which can be "recharged" by
pouring the gel out
> > onto a cookie sheet and baking for a while.
> I have been trying to find silica gel locally. Does
anybody know where you
> can buy it? I already tried Walmart. ;-)
> --shannon

   Light Impressions has silica gel dessicators for sale.
There are two forms: metal or plastic cases. Both can be
regenerated. See
   I spent some time looking for a bulk seller using Google
but found no sources for small amounts. Silica gel seems to
be used by those who dry flowers for a hobby, so hobby shops
may be a source. They also use cat litter for drying. I
don't know if that would work for lenses, its certainly easy
enough to find.

Richard Knoppow
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