Re: Silver chloride contact printing papers - not AZO

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Date: 01/27/04-12:00:01 AM Z
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There is another silver chloride contact paper besides AZO... It's
the Centennial Gelatine Chloride Printing-Out Paper sold in this country
by Chicago Albumen works.

In fact I just finished editing (5 pages, small type) a dialog between
John Yang and John Dugdale about their shows at John Stevenson
(concatenation of Johns again). Yang's "Mount Zion: Immortal Portraits" in
2001 was all on the chloride POP paper. John D's just-closed show had
about 6 of them, plus albumen & cyanotype.

The most discussion was Yang on the nuances of the gold toning, which
control the color, assuming you've eaten the right breakfast and the
temperature, alkali, timing, exposure, and negative are right. John D.
wanted the "secret" of the "pink" highlights, got that & a lot more. Will
be in P-F #9, if I live & my computer relents.

Chicago Albumen Works is (413) 274-6901,

e-mail, and

PS. I'm a pretty tough customer with silver gelatin these days, but I
willingly reveal that those gold-toned prints are exquisite.

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