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I was quite pleased to read a comprehensive account of an instance where the
"Big Box" discount stores show their true colors. I often here I shouldn't shop
there for they put small shops out of business (including the local camera
shops), but I rarely hear a first hand account of why. I do like to buy my
supplies from companies that value their employees as much as their bottom line
even if I have to release my pinch on a couple extra pennies to do so.

Averting one's eyes to exploitation involved in acquiring one's resources avoids
truth. It deviates from seeking the truth, which is one of the core virtues of
art. Revealing injustice is one of the key things that art helps do. Open our
minds in a way that words can not. It moves the culture forward, creating hope
for a better place for everyone...not just the wealthy, the Bushites and their
short-sighted ilk.

Sadly for some, it's all about making pitchers of purty barren landscapes (or
dumping garbage where ever you want, or driving SUV's, or cheating on your wife
-- pick your excess) at the expense of others: The health of the land, the
water, and the people of this planet (including themselves and their children if
they were not so blind as to ignore the simple fact).

They say hey, pinko, you don't live near the sausage mill, why should you care
how they're made?! Pass the platter this a-way! More for me! I do believe some
out here will have a third helping to satisfy their bellies first, without ever
having a second thought to the real ingredients in the stuff their eating.

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