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Date: 01/25/04-01:52:50 PM Z
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Given a choice, I'd much rather use the delete key on the original OT
stuff than on the objections to the OT stuff.

One can argue, and I have, that at least half the value of a college (or
other) education comes from the bits and pieces just thrown off in a
class or from the incidental informal exchanges with your peers. That
is where you learn a lot about following a thread on your own because
you found something of interest and how to hold your own when the
opinions heat up and tempers flare. The best is when you can go from a
screaming argument to dinner together without conflict because the
discussions never get intermixed with personality. But then I'm an
academic with such weird views of my job that I try to teach that to my
students and demonstrate it to my colleagues.

The OT postings have taken me to some very interesting places I would
never have found on my own. As long as they remain, as they are, a
small fraction of the beautifully on topic and truly generous sharing
that is really most of what we get, I say thank you for it and keep it
up although moderation remains a classic virtue.

Stay cool.

E. Robkin
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