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Date: 01/25/04-05:59:29 AM Z
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Hi, may be you charged with office a lot of fonts.
If you are on windows, it put on memory ALL the fonts when you turn on the
PC. If the case, discharge the fonts you don't use. Do that from the control
pannel (Important).

> Good morning,
> I have a technology headache.
> My PS 7 was working fine. After I installed Office 2003, it takes about 3 mins to open a 20 kb file in PS, and anything larger is impossisble.
> Can anyone direct me to a site where problems with Office 2003 might be found?
> I talked with Adobe twice and they tell me that Office 2003 must be the problem.
> I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling PS.
> I need PS 7 for my classes, so if a solution cannot be found I will need to uninstall Office 2003.
> Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction to resolve this problem.
> Thank you in advance.
> Temi
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