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Date: 01/25/04-02:33:25 AM Z
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Hi Katherine,

Thanks for putting up your web site again. Just wanted you to know that at
least one person appreciated all your hard work. :)
There were some images of yours I hadn't seen before and that I rather enjoyed.

Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences for you and your family.


  At 09:34 PM 1/22/04 +0000, you wrote:
>My gum printing website isn't finished, but it's going to be a while
>before I have time to do anything more on it, so I've decided to upload
>what I've got and finish it in place when I can.
>The introduction page is basically a handout I use when I'm talking to
>groups of people who don't know the least thing about gum printing,
>(with a few additions) so it's pretty kindergarten. The rest is what I
>know from my own experience about gum printing. Use it if it's useful,
>don't if it's not. My New Year's present to the world of gum printing.
>There are pages on method, materials and equipment, pigments (which will
>be added to later) and stain, and I have added some images to what I had
>before in the images gallery.
>There are two pages I haven't started writing yet: one on the chemistry
>of the gum process and one that will have visual examples of things that
>can go wrong, to use for troubleshooting.
>I took all the technical explanations off the images, in response to a
>criticism, but have since decided that criticism was silly and I'm
>starting to put them back, but haven't got very far with that project
>yet. This is an educational site, and how can it be educational if you
>can't use the images to teach from.
>I've totally given up obsessing about trying to get a perfect
>reproduction and have come to accept that the only thing I can be sure
>of is that almost no one will see the images exactly the way they're
>supposed to look, and that just has to be all right.
>Write me privately if there's a broken link or if you want to talk about
>gum printing, since I'm not watching the list at the moment (death in
>the family and other stuff have my attention elsewhere).
>Katharine Thayer
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